What to buy men this holidays part 2

I hope you have enjoyed browsing through part 1 of this post but if you still haven’t found anything that tickle your fancy then keep reading because today I will bring you some more exciting gift ideas.

Working in the garage or the garden can be thirsty and dirty work and if you don’t want him to come trotting into the house and scratch around the fridge for a cold drink with his filthy hands then this mini cooler may be the perfect gift. Styled on the classic Coke vending machine this little cooler will fit just as good in the pool room or bar as well.

Koolatron mini vending machine

T shirts is always a good option too and there is no better one for the guy who loves getting his hands dirty than this one.

Stays in the garage

Or for the “kick ass dad”, this one.

Kick ass Dad t shirt

For the men in your life that is a bit more fashion conscious there are countless options but if you are looking for something that is a bit unique I suggested you look past the high street stores. thanks to sites like Etsy you can now buy handmade goods directly from the manufacturer. If your man loves wearing a bit of bling I would highly recommend the bracelets and necklaces by a guy called Feihong. Here is one of his bracelets I love.

Mens Bracelet

Another jewelery designer that you MUST check out is Thomas Sabo. Like all famous jewelers his stuff is on the higher end of the price scale but with his unique designs it is worth it. Here are some of my favourites.

Oh and while you are there you might as well slip something for yourself into the shopping cart.

Talk about fashionable stuff, I spotted this Wotancraft bag on Pinterest and I’m just loving it. Made from canvas and premium quality leather. It is actually a camera bag but I think your man can find various ways of using it.


Shopping for a geek or a gamer friend can be a lot of fun and the choices are endless. Here is one cool toy I recently spotted online.


If they have a games room or home theater a large bean bag will be just perfect. They come in a range of sizes and materials but I think the omni by Sumolounge is the most versatile.


Another large bean bag that would be perfect (if he has a swimming pool) is this floating beanbag.

Large bean bag

One of my favorite gift ideas and one that I think is very unique and show that you’ve put some thought into his gift is a set of Custom headphones. These include some top brands like Sennheiser and Beierdynamic and Pioneer.

Custom cans headphones

Gold Custom Headphones

For the outdoor lover there are two products that I found that is worth your attention.
The first one is a fold up charcoal bbq that is such a clever design. With space at a premium when you go camping this little BBQ folds flat to become no bigger that the size of a notebook.

Fold up BBQ
The second gift is for the more hardcore outdoors man or Bear Grylls wannabe. This Survival knife with fire starter will make sure they can survive in the toughest conditions or show of their fire starting skills.

Hunting knife

So there you have it. I hope you’ve got some inspiration for your Christmas shopping this year. I would love to hear from you. What is the coolest gift you ever bought someone?

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Gifts ideas for the man/men in your life. Part 1

It is that time of the year again. The “season of giving” time. Now the super organised among us may have already done all their Christmas shopping, wrapped it up and stored in the closet ready to whip it out and display it proudly, seconds after you finished setting up the Christmas tree. But for the rest of us, shopping for gifts, is usually a bit of a last minute panic affair as we ask ourselves ” who am I going to buy what”?? It doesn’t help the matter that between the brick and mortar stores and all the on-line stores there are gazzillions of choices.

So I thought, why don’t I lend a helping hand. After all I’m a guy and I love a wide variety of stuff. As a result I have compiled a list of goodies that is worth looking at this festive season. I tried to pick something for every type of guy, from the fashion conscious to the mr fix it all. I also kept the prices realistic.

So without further a due let me get started.

bodum travel mug french press

Bodum plunger travel mug – I have to admit when I first saw this mug I thought ” who would want this contraption”, but let me tell you, if you’re man works as a truck driver or a machine operator and he loves fresh filter coffee than this travel mug is for him.

How about if you are shopping for a guy that love the ski slopes? You can’t go past the highly advanced goggles by Zeal Optics. The first one is the HD Camera GogglesHD Camera Goggles

Fitted with a HD camera that can record, in high def, his epic moves (or crashes) on the slopes.
If that’s not enough to tickle his tech buds then the Z3 GPS with build in gps will. The gps records data such as speed and elevation and allow you to download it all.

Z3 GPS Goggles

Smartphone projector
Talking about video, if your man has a whole collection of videos on his iPhone or other smart phone ( including the ones he recorded with his ski goggles above) and likes to show it of to everyone then you can’t go wrong with this little projector.

Microvision pico projector

Phone cases have become a must have accessory for today’s smartphones. The choices can be overwhelming, but here are a few that are functional and eye-catching. This handmade leather one by Portel on Etsy is my favourite. Handmade leather iphone case
Nothing say tough guy like an phone case made from metal. This case from iWowcase is as tough as it looks. Here is a link to a great selection of their brand new iPhone 5 cases.

Metal iPhone case from iWowcase

You may have notice a very obvious absence of tablets and smartphones on my list but that’s because I tried to find stuff that’s affordable and not so mainstream. If you do have the urge to buy a smart device of some sort then I would recommend the iPad Mini.
Back to the iPad cases. This one is perfect for the motoring enthusiast. Reminiscent of the oil gasoline signs, it will, no doubt, have grease marks all over it in no time.

Super Speedway vintage ipad case

If your man loves spending time making stuff I would highly recommend some safety gear. I know safety goggles doesn’t sound like a cool gift idea but wait till you check these out.

Workshop safety goggles

Dewalt Safety Goggles

Talking about DIY and safety gear that looks really cool – a pair of work boots is another great gift idea.

Irish Setter Work Boots

There are 2 brands that is worth checking out. Redwing boots and Irish setter. Red wing boots is an American institution and both brands have boots that look that good your hubby or dad my wear them out to town.

Red Wing Mens Heritage boots

Books are always a great gift idea but if there is one book that will get used over and over again, by your handyman then it is the engineers black book. Stuffed with engineers formulae, Data Sheets, Reference Tables and Equivalent Charts. He will feel like the smartest man in the neighbourhood.

Engineers Black Book

A FM radio is another great addition to the home garage/shed/workshop and this one is no ordinary FM radio. Made by RYOBI, makers of power tools from many moons ago (by the way you can have a look at their range of power tools too, but remember men can be fussy buggers when it comes to tools)
This radio’s tough construction is made to handle all the knocks and bumps it may be subjected to in the shed and comes with a charging dock and can connect to ipods and other mp3 players. So hubby can play his favourite tunes whilst tinkering on that gearbox.

Ryobi FM radio with iPhone Dock

That is the first batch of gift ideas. In the coming days I will post part 2 with some more goodies for those male things in your life.

I would love to hear about your gift buying experiences.

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