My favourite iPhone photography apps

Since the beginning of the iPhone phenomena, fotography apps has been part of it. Although I joined the iCraze quite lately, it didn’t take ling before I started trying out some of these apps partly thanks to internet marketing extraordinaire, Ed Dale and also photography enthusiast.

Hipstamatic – One of the first photography apps to be released and still one of the coolest. An app that would probably qualify for the “app hall of fame” if there was such a thing. In a nutshell Hipstamatic turns your iPhone into a vintage camera. You can take photo’s reminicent of your childhood beach holidays or the good ol’ flower power days without having to go shop around for an old camera. You can change lenses, films and even the flash, with packages that can be purchased from the itunes store

PS Express – It will almost seem wrong not for photoshop to release an app and they’ve done a pretty good job with PS Express. With the free version you get tools such as crop, saturation, sketch and more. You can also purchase extras such as borders and share your work via facebook and twitpic.

Camera Awesome – the most comprehensive app of the lot. In camera mode you can select the composition and also enable “automatic post proccesing” which is basicly a special effect that will auotomaticily be applied to the photo afterwards. Photos can also be uploaded from your library and you have stacks of options available to apply from filters to frames and lots more. Once again extras can be purchased.

Coloursplash – Next time your wedding photographer wants to charge you a fortune for a B&W photo with only the bouquet of roses left bright red, tell them not to worry, you’ll coloursplash it yourself. I guess you have a good idea now what coloursplash is about. Yes, it allows you to upload a photo turn it black and white and then with your finger “colour in” the bits you want in colour. You can also take a colour picture and turn parts of it into grayscale.

With apps like these and the abilities of the cameraphones getting better by the day you can see why compact camera manufacturers are getting worried. So what is your favourite photography app and what filter, film or special effect do you like to use?