Cool Pooch sports water bottle for man and his best friend.

It is always a great pleasure for dog lovers to go exercising with their pets. Whether it’s going for a walk, go jogging or even going for a swim.

Cool Pooch sports water bottle

Just like us humans dogs need to stay hydrated. It can be a bit of a hassle carrying water and something to give your dog water in.
Thanks to Cool Pooch you can now purchase a sports water bottle designed for use by you and your dog, without the slobber, of course.

The Cool Pooch Sport Water Bottle has a straw and a cup on top. To use the bottle just drink from the suction tube and to give your dog a drink, bent the tube and fill the cup, easy… Rehydrating minus the slobber ( we get enough of that when they greet us).

The bottle can also be purchased with an insulated sports sack with a shoulder strap (optional).

Visit the Cool Pooch online store or Amazon to purchase your Cool Pooch Sport Water Bottle


Cool Pooch sports bottle