Wireless electricity – where the magic happens


Two idealized resonant magnetic coils, shown in yellow. The blue and red color bands illustrate their magnetic fields. The coupling of their respective magnetic fields is indicated by the connection of the colorbands.”


This technology is already in use for recharging gaming controllers and some mobile phones. The QI consortium was formed in 2008 to allow for a standardisation of the technology for mobile phones and other devices. So expect to see more universal charging pads in the future. Panasonic has developed a solar charging table that combine energy harvesting with QI wireless charging.


Energy Harvesting

Powercast, an US company, has developed receivers that convert radio waves into DC power. These can be used in numerous automation items including occupancy and motion sensors, door locks, and access control card readers, all without the need for wires.

Laser Charging is another form of wireless electricity with the potential to power devices over a greater distance. Here is a short description of how it works from Powerbeam’s website:

At one end, electricity is turned into optical energy. That energy is then pointed at a receiver and turned back into electricity.  Whatever device is attached to the receiver is power without any wires! 

Check out their cool video demo.

Lasermotive is another company currently developing the laser technology. Having already won a major prize at NASA, Lasermotive is looking at powering things such as remote towers on hilltops, flying drones and more.

Wireless power is set to changes our lives as much as the invention of electricity did.