No more lost luggage with Trakdot.

Do you travel a lot or does your luggage go missing a lot? Maybe it’s time you invest in a Trakdot luggage tracker.


The Trakdot is a small tracker that you put in your checked luggage and it can report, in real-time, city location to any smartphone or via sms.

The devic costs $49.95 and then there is a $8.99 activation fee and an $12.99 annual service fee.

In my opinion, unless you’re a frequent traveller this may be overkill, but if you are a frequent traveller or carry some very valueable items in your checked luggage this may be a worthwhile investement. A least that way you know where your luggage is “hiding” or let police know where it is “hiding” incase some dubious person took an interest in your traveling goodies.

Read more about this little Trakdot gadget here.