I have always had an interest in all the awesome stuff that surrounds us and with all the social media of today sharing this with other people became a lot more fun and easier.

I am a bit of a video game addict and must confess to have “lost” a couple of years on world of Warcraft. But my new love is the, world conquering, Call of Duty franchise. I can spend hours on my ps 3 in multiplayer. Thanks to this love for games I have started my own gamer shirt range and is available online at Newbnutta Gamer Shirts. I love t shirts in general and have also started a site called PODTSHIRTDESIGNS and there you will find a collection of funny t shirts, music t shirts and more from various designers.

Other interests include photography and I particularly enjoy the iPhone photography apps such as instagram and hipstamatic.
I also love cool furniture particularly large bean bags. Another guilty pleasure of mine is gadgets and seem to spend waaaaay to much money buying stuff I hardly use.

Once it’s up and running you can check out GeorgeCinna.com for links to my latest works and to check out what I’m up to. I’m looking forward to sharing all the cool stuff the world around us have to offer.


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