Make your Large Bean Bag smell fresh again.

Just posted a very handy tip on one of my sites called It’s about making your beanbag smile nice and fresh from the inside out


We all love our beanbags and most of us spend at least a couple of hours a week chilling out in them. Usually after work with a nice cold drink or on the weekend watching the game.

Chances are you rarely think about washing one of these giants. 

When it comes to washing the outer liner any normal cleaning method will do depending on the type of fabric it is made of. But what about the beanbag filling ?

Well here is my tip:


Empty out all the beans or shredded foam. The easiet way I find to do this is by emtying the beanbag out in bathtub Make sure you put the bath plug in first! If you have one of the larger bean bags a bathtub may not be big enough. Just use large rubbish bags.

Take any carpet freshner that you like and sprinkle a little bit all over the beanbag filling and mix it around a bit. Don’t use to much otherwise the smell can be overwhelming.  Once the bean bag liner is clean and dry just put the beanbag filling back in and whoala it’s smells fresh again.


Check out the article here




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