The Asus Zenbook UX 31 – One awesome Ultrabook

 by George Cinna

I recently took the plunge and splurged out one one of the new Ultrabooks by Asus.  After doing some research I found that it was the netbook that best served my needs.

The ASUS ZENBOOK looks like nothing you’ve ever seen. It feels like nothing you’ve ever felt. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. It’s ultra-thin – with a minimum thickness of only.12″. It’s ultra-light – the brushed aluminum alloy body weighs only 2.87lbs. It’s ultra-fast – powerful 2nd Generation Intel Core i5-2557M CPU, SATA 3.0 128GB SSD and USB 3.0. It resumes active mode in just 2 seconds, and the SonicMaster Audio delivers astounding sound.

I particularly fell in love with the “instant-on feature” Which means that the netbook resume within 2 seconds.

How long is 2 seconds?

Well by the time you opened the Zenbook it’s ready to go, it’s that quick and if you are like me and hate watching computers load than you will love this feature!!!

These Asus Ultrabooks are available at any good tech stores but to save you time and money just click the button below to get it from Amazon.


Welding companies can now monitor machinery performance via the cloud

Lincoln Electric Checkpoint  Software


Lincoln Electric, a manufacturer of industry leading welding machines, has just released new software that enables production monitoring via mobile and cloud based services.
Here is a shortlist of some of the benefits as set out on the Lincoln website:


 CheckPoint™ is a significant advancement over our Production Monitoring™ server-based software as well as the products offered by competitors.


No proprietary hardware or software is required – Just access through any common web browser.
Weld data is stored on an extremely secure third-party server.
Access on Multiple Platforms – Anytime, anywhere in the world
Smart phones like the iPhone® and BlackBerry®.
WiFi-enabled devices like the iPod® and iPad®.
Any standard laptop or desktop web browser.
Fresh Interface
More visual, graphic presentation of data.
More intuitive navigation.
Global Reach, Global View
Aggregate the data from any compatible weld station in any plant in the world.
Compare and contrast results to benchmark plant, shift, station or operator performance.
NEW! Direct links to the Consumable Certificate Center – Track wire usage and access, store actual consumable certification, and forward to teams and customers.


Two Versions


Standard – Available at no cost with every Power Wave® – Stores data for up to 30 days with robust export capability.
Premium – Pay an annual subscription fee, per power source, to store unlimited data in the cloud.
You can have a combination of Standard and Premium subscriptions in one facility. The system is very flexible.
CheckPoint™ is supported by the same Power Wave® models that previously supported Production Monitoring™


In today’s cutthroat manufacturing industry it is essential to monitor production in order to stay one step ahead of your competitors.


You can read more about this service here:

CheckPoint by Lincoln Electric

Asus Padfone – Is it gonna rock the smartphone world…?

By George Cinna

Padfone whole setup

I’ve already made some bold predictions, in an article on Ezine, about where I think Asus is heading with their innovative line up of products. One of the reasons was their foray into the smart phone market.

Not content with releasing yet another phone, Asus is releasing their Padfone with a 10 inch tablet(!!) as an accessory but the awesome doesn’t stop there either. The tablet comes with its own keyboard dock – very Transformer Prime-ish and to not sound too much like a tv infomercial there is also an optional bluetooth stylus that acts as a receiver if you happens to receive a phone call in the middle of drawing your next masterpiece.

The 4.3 inch Padfone is powered by a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon CPU and running Android 4. The phone powers the tablet when inserted in the tablet.
As a bonus the phone gets recharged whilst docked inside the tablet and both tablet and phone gets recharged whilst docked inside the keyboard dock. The keyboard holds a capacity of up to 9 charges for the padfone.

Another feature of the Padfone is called Dynamic Display, here is the description by Asus: Dynamic Display technology which allows seamless transition between the PadFone and PadFone Station display screens.

Check out the demo from Endgadget: 

The first Asus Padfones will get released in Taiwan mid April and prices will start from US$600 for the phone alone and just short of a US$1000 for the works. No global roll out details yet bit I hope to keep you posted. To read more about the upcoming Asus Padfone, check out their official website.

Asus Padfone Dynamic Display

Source: Endgadget