“Elite Raider” and “Tank-n-Spank” Designs now available on our range of gamer shirts

by NewbCrew

For some time now we have had the Elite Raider design and Tank n Spank designs only available on our range of gamer hoodies. But due to a large number of you requesting them on a t shirt, we have decided to put these designs on some of our t shirts too.

I have just made two of my favourite designs available on a range of video game t shirts. I am very excited about how the designs turned out and I think you will love it. Go check it out today.


The Asus Zenbook UX 31 – One awesome Ultrabook

 by George Cinna

I recently took the plunge and splurged out one one of the new Ultrabooks by Asus.  After doing some research I found that it was the netbook that best served my needs.

The ASUS ZENBOOK looks like nothing you’ve ever seen. It feels like nothing you’ve ever felt. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. It’s ultra-thin – with a minimum thickness of only.12″. It’s ultra-light – the brushed aluminum alloy body weighs only 2.87lbs. It’s ultra-fast – powerful 2nd Generation Intel Core i5-2557M CPU, SATA 3.0 128GB SSD and USB 3.0. It resumes active mode in just 2 seconds, and the SonicMaster Audio delivers astounding sound.

I particularly fell in love with the “instant-on feature” Which means that the netbook resume within 2 seconds.

How long is 2 seconds?

Well by the time you opened the Zenbook it’s ready to go, it’s that quick and if you are like me and hate watching computers load than you will love this feature!!!

These Asus Ultrabooks are available at any good tech stores but to save you time and money just click the button below to get it from Amazon.